Contact Sandi:

Do I e-mail Sandi or call her to book a time?
E-mail is fine for an  initial contact and hello.  Call Sandi's  office at 410-747-6510 to confirm the appointment.

Will Sandi call me or should I call her at the appointed time?
Sandi will call you.  Be ready, she's very prompt!

Do I need a landline or is a cell phone OK?
Landline is preferred. However if cell phone is the only option, she'll make it work!

How is  payment accepted?
A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required.  PayPal, Visa, and Master Card are accepted.
Balance is paid the day of the session.
Your statement will read from Spirit of the Wind, LLC.

Click here for session rates or leave a $100 paypal deposit by clicking the link below.