The Universal Law of Attraction

We have all been using The Universal Law of Attraction at every second and every moment of our lives, but most of us just haven’t ever realized it.

The simplest definition of The Universal Law of Attraction is that “like attracts like”. You may also think of yourself as a living magnet. Most importantly, you get what you think about, talk about, and focus on (whether wanted or unwanted).

3 Easy Steps to Manifest all your Hopes, Dreams, and Desires

BROADCAST - like a radio station to the Universe; our thoughts, words and actions send a “broadcast”  to the Universe. Watch your words and be very mindful of your thoughts and actions. The Universe hears them all. State things in the present tense (I AM, I HAVE, I DO, etc.). Wanting, wishing, and hoping only gets you more wanting, wishing, and hoping. ;’)  LOL

BELIEVE - The Universe loves us so much that it wants us to be happy and fulfilled. The Creator gave us free will. If we say we have a healthy body - then that’s what we get.  Know that in your heart of hearts and the rest Is easy.

RECEIVE - the best part! Watch for signs that point you in the right direction. Always go where it’s EASY and fun - then you know you’re headed in the right direction!
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