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Sandi Athey
For over a decade, Sandi has been riveting the airwaves with her charm, quick wit and spot on reads.  She hosted the Psychic Healing Radio Show on WCBM in Baltimore for 7 years and has been featured on hundreds of shows in the United States and internationally.

An in-demand guest for radio and television, Sandi is the longest running regular guest on the Charlie, Ernie and Lisa Show on WVMT in Burlington, VT (13 years running) and has helped hundreds of people find their lost keys and lost dreams. 

Her love of the Universe and extraordinary healing gift make the perfect combination for any media venue.  Book her today and bring her special magic to your audience!
"Appearing on Charlie, Ernie, and Lisa for over 8 years, Sandi Athey is a delightful morning wake-up for our listeners who adore her. They tune in to listen to her once a month for a full hour and are often mystified by her insightful and often spot-on reads. Her enchanting personality never fails to entertain. Sandi Athey is a wonderful presence guaranteed to bring a smile or laugh to anyone who has the pleasure to speak with or listen to her."

-Charlie, Ernie, & Lisa
Newstalk 620 WVMT
"Sandi, I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend! I can't wait to have you back again - we have more ground to cover. The audience loved you!"
-Breaking Through w/Georgiann
Life not going as planned?
Learn what’s holding you back with Sandi Athey!
A “True” Broadcast Professional!
"Working with Sandi provided me with a great deal of insight into my career, and other areas of my life. She was dead on and her accuracy was incredible. If you are unsure of your life's path or need some REAL insight, I recommend a reading with Sandi".

Michael Leigh-Vocalist
The Reagan Years