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Vibrant health includes balance in all areas.

Connection to whatever your higher source is the first step.
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Words are very powerful.  Play tapes over and over in your head about what you desire.
My immune system is strong.
I appreciate my body.
I am strong.
I am balanced.
I am love.
The Universe responds to everything you say.  Keep it happy and positive!

We are over 70% water.  Check out the effect words have on water crystals and imagine what your words are doing to the health of your body!

How we feel is the fuel that propels us.  We have a variety of emotions...feed wisely!
The old standards are always best!
1. Eat organic. Consume only things that your grandmother would recognize as food. ;')
2. Drink plenty of fresh water.
3. Rest and exercise.
4. Supplement your diet with products that call to you.  There are many great lines out there. Visit the Resources page to see what I like and recommend.

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